There is a 25 target menu and a 50 target menu at each showing the trap numbers for the targets to be thrown at each station. 

Round of 25 on the 5-stand $12 (additional targets $0.48ea)

5 - Stand

DeWitt’s constructed of one of the finest 5-stands in the South!  It’s completely covered with a tin roof AND it’s LIGHTED for night shooting. Close to 1,000 square feet, the structure has 5 stations for shooters and during big events can accommodate 2 shooters per station.  There are 8 trap machines to offer you a vast array of target presentations!


Each shooting station has a padded and covered top rail to ensure your gun is not scratched while providing a place to comfortably rest it while waiting for your next shot.


There are 5 overhead fans for those hot summer days! There are also 5 tables and 15 chairs for larger groups to enjoy some shooting and then gather for an outdoor lunch.


It’s a perfect place to bring your family, friends or your company to have a lot of fun day or night.

Come out and give it a try!