Pheasant Tower Shoot

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Register Today! $175 per person/per shoot

  • The Shoot will begin with final registration at 9:00am (day of shoot)

  • The first shoot begins at 10:00am Lunch 12:30

  • The Second shoot begins at 1:30pm

  • Sign up and Shoot one or Both Shoots $50 Deposit Required

  • Register by Phone or in Person at DeWitt’s

       (910) 652-2926

Rules for The Shoot

  • No Shot Larger than #5’s

  • No 3” or 3 1/2” magnums 2 3/4” only

  • Well Trained/Well mannered dogs


  • Total number of birds will be divided

    between all shooters after the shoot

  • dressing and packaging of all the

    pheasants taken is included

  • Eye and Ear protection required

  • No shots at Low birds

  • Minors must be accompanied by a

    parent or guardian

  • Hunter orange (cap is sufficient)

  • Number of Birds per shoot based on

    number of shooters per shoot, 10 birds

    per shooter will be released

  • Space for up to 24 shooters per shoot

  • We’ll fill the morning shoot first and if enough interest, we’ll fill afternoon shoot