Sporting Clays Course Pricing

- A round of 50 targets is $24.00

- A round  of 100 targets is $48.00

- Additional targets are $0.48 cents each

- Golf cart included (first come first serve)

Sporting Clays

Our sporting clay course is one of the most exciting and challenging courses you will find anywhere. It is over a mile long and winds around beautiful woodlands, fields, a pond, two towers and loops back to our club house.  


Our course consists of fourteen shooting stations with two shooting stands at each station. Each station has three automated clay throwers  that will release targets at the push of a button.


While on our course, you will find a wide variety of target presentations designed to simulate live game movements such as a rising teal, flushing quail, passing dove, and bouncing rabbit.


DeWitt’s sporting clays course has been the site of several North Carolina State Championships and Zone 4 Championships. 


Whether you are a large corporation, small company, private group, or a family, we can customize a shoot for you. Developed to accommodate any skill level of shooters, families, or groups, DeWitt’s will provide a day of fun and enjoyment for all!